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Managing Partner & Certified Financial Planner™

As Managing Partner of OpenAir Advisers, Stewart is responsible for the execution of the company’s mission, vision and financial success. He is also charged with developing, communicating, and executing the client’s financial plan while maintaining full transparency.

Stewart has executive-level leadership with a deep understanding of all aspects of the business and a clear vision. He ensures that the company culture and its values are applied consistently from top to bottom and  has an active role in driving client satisfaction. Stewart is a true fiduciary who provides the best platforms and strategies for clients.

His broad experience provides him with an array of perspectives that he can apply to an ever-changing investment market. After having success in many areas, he has identified the proper network of services to offer clients of various backgrounds. Stewart is dedicated to the highest levels of client service by managing, maintaining, and growing client wealth responsibly and tax-efficiently. As a fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner™, he believes a foundation of transparency and trust are key to a successful partnership between clients and advisers.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Missouri. He also attended Southern Methodist University which allowed him to become a Certified Financial Planner™.

Managing Partner & Certified Financial Planner™

As a partner, Jon takes an active leadership role with the firm’s Investment Committee, helping to set investment policy and strategy. He is consistently and wholly dedicated to providing the highest level of client service and always works to ensure that a comprehensive and customized wealth plan is established, implemented, and maintained.

As a fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner™, Jon’s primary focus is his clients and their overall financial fitness. His business centers around professional investment management and he believes a sound investment strategy always involves thorough risk management, tax efficiency, and proper estate planning.

Jon has more than 15 years of experience in the wealth management and financial services industry. He has a deep understanding of financial markets with a strong background in all aspects of financial planning and integrates this into his everyday practice. Jon built his career on the principles of trust and integrity which he believes are critical to building long-lasting and successful partnerships.

He received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Baylor University. Jon is also a practicing CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ which he earned by attending an advanced planning curriculum from Southern Methodist University.

Managing Partner & Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™
Wealth Adviser & Estate Planning Attorney

As a Partner, Chris's duties include overseeing strategic projects, investment strategies, and business development with a strong commitment to continually enhance the client experience. Chris is dedicated to the highest levels of client service by managing, maintaining, and growing client wealth responsibly and tax-efficiently.

As a fiduciary and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™, Chris serves the financial planning needs of his clients by working to manage their wealth responsibly, grow it tax-efficiently, and evaluate it for years to come. As a fiduciary and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®, he believes a foundation of transparency and trust are key to a successful partnership between clients and advisers.

With over 10 years in the industry, Chris has helped clients reach their financial goals through sound financial planning and thoughtful, diversified portfolios. Chris prides himself on the ability to drill down to the heart of complex matters for clients. He understands both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of financial planning and incorporates both into his relationships with clients.

Chris also grew up in Rowlett, Texas, where he met his wife Ashley. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, Ashley; daughters, Addison, Emery, and Harper.

Jeff graduated near the top of his class from the University of Idaho, College of Law, where he served as Editor of the Law Journal for Critical Legal Studies, Volunteered in the Low Income Taxpayer tax clinic, the Small Business Clinic, and served as the student body Sergeant at Arms.

Jeff interned at Utah District Court for the 2nd Judicial District under District Judge Brent Smith, and as a civil prosecutor with Ada County in Boise, Idaho. Following law school, Jeff chose to focus his practice on Estate Planning and decided Rockwall, Texas would be the perfect place to raise his children and grow his practice. Jeff centers his firm on a straightforward approach, with the client’s needs at the focal point. He prides himself on being honest, upfront, efficient, and realistic when working with clients. Jeff works with his clients to put together a comprehensive plan that meets their specific needs.

Jeff with his law background is able to offer his customer a complete comprehensive approach when it comes to wealth management. Jeff focuses on investment management, retirement planning, risk mitigation and making sure you're not paying too much in unnecessary taxes.

When not at the office he enjoys golfing, the shooting range, spending time with his four children (ages 15-25) and his wife of 20+ years, Angel.

Client Relations Specialist
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Client Engagement Manager

Courtney is the first person you see when you walk into the office and the cheerful voice you hear when you call. Her ability to multitask, allows her to keep the schedule running smoothly, as well as ensuring clients are getting the detail they deserve. Her dedication to the clients and attention to detail make her a valuable member of the OpenAir Team.

In her spare time, Courtney loves cooking, playing softball, working out, and spending time with her family.

With a distinguished professional sales career, Amy brings to OpenAir proven experience and knowledge in luxury tier account representation.

Amy is an avid animal lover and is passionate about providing a loving home for the many rescues she and her husband have been thankful to welcome into their home. Known for her friendly and affable demeanor, Amy enjoys an active social life spending time with close friends and family.

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Client Coordinator
Client Services Associate

Rick joined OpenAir Advisers as a Client Service Associate . His past experience at one of the largest RIAs in the country has helped him make an immediate impact at OpenAir. 
As a Client Service Associate, Rick helps new clients and prospective clients throughout OpenAir's process by ensuring a positive experience between the client and their adviser. His responsibilities include answering client inquiries and setting up meetings between clients and advisers. His attention to detail makes him the perfect person to help give a long-lasting positive impression to all of our clients.

Client Coordinator

Claire is engaged in many of the special projects around the OpenAir offices. She is often coordinating company events, assisting client meetings, and making sure the day runs smoothly for all clients and team members. Claire's eye for detail is a much appreciated asset and it makes sure our clients receive the service and planning they deserve. Claire has two wonderful children and the best husband in the entire world.


1. PEOPLE | We believe that each person is innately valuable & worthy of respect & honor. Relationships matter & business is relational - top to bottom! People first, money second is our priority statement that places people & relationships ahead of any financial matter.

2. INTEGRITY | We believe that integrity & truth matter. We conduct our business in such a way that's above reproach. Suitability & ethical practices come from placing a higher value on other people (& their needs) before our own.

3. COMMUNICATION | We believe that communication with our client partners builds & maintains the trust that is necessary for business relationships to reach their full potential. Our client partners deserve the type of communication that's frequent, timely, truthful, & relevant.

4. SERVICE | We believe that good service is practical & that great service is necessary for the pursuit of business excellence. We pursue perfection - and in doing so, "catch a little excellence along the way” (Vince Lombardi)

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